Our Services

CCI offers a wide range of services for multivariable control and real-time optimization, including:

Project Implementation

The majority of our time is still spent doing actual project implementation work. With skills acquired from years of experience, our engineers are proficient in all steps of project execution, from initial process troubleshooting and loop-tuning to final commissioning. We have worked on all major refinery and petrochemical processes and have unique experience in many specialized processes.

Our concentrated experience level allows us additional flexibility in project execution style. In addition to doing turn-key projects, we are also able to execute cooperative projects with clients who already have some in-house execution capability. This gives clients a more active role in project execution, enhances technology transfer and can reduce project cost.

Application Maintenance and Upgrading

Every control or optimization application needs occasional maintenance and updating to stay in peak operating condition. Changing economic conditions or major process changes may make it necessary to modify the internal economics or application model. Sometimes additional benefits can be obtained by using the features in the latest version of the control or optimization software. CCI engineers are able and willing to assist in these areas, even for applications which we did not implement.

Site Surveys & Benefit Studies

For more extensive automation projects, CCI can help develop a feasible automation master plan that quickly captures the largest benefit. When benefits are questionable or need to be documented, our engineers are highly experienced in performing up-front benefit studies and project post-audits

General Consulting

Years of experience with different operating companies, software and technology vendors have allowed us to gain additional insight into the role of real-time applications in modern plants. CCI engineers can be a valuable resource when considering general matters such as training and staffing. We can also provide knowledgeable, objective advice on vendor selection and bid evaluations.


CCI has developed detailed courses and materials for training in multivariable control. Traditional classroom courses include Basic or Advanced concepts geared towards control engineers, or Basic concepts for the operators who will run these controllers. These courses are offered at our Houston office, or at the client site. CCI has also developed a Computer-Based Training program for operators. This is designed to help operators learn the concepts of multi-variable control, and working with multi-variable control applications. Please contact us for further information.